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Making the Best of Exquisite Wine

One Fruit at a Time

What We Believe

Gayles Winery is focused on producing the highest quality fruit and grape wines with full-bodied flavor and aroma that will tantalize your taste buds, giving our customers a unique taste and experience. 

We believe in becoming “Best in class” winery that believes in:

* Wellness: Promotes Overall Wellbeing

* Experience: Provides a “One-of-A-Kind” Experience

Entertainment: Provides Consciously Clean Entertainment

Community: Strong Commitment to the Community

* Family: Stands on a Strong Sense of Family values 

Alycia Dukes (Right) is the owner of her own legal company Legal Shield. "It tastes like what it said on each bottle!"

Devito Johns (Left) said, "These all taste good but the pear wine is my favorite."

Alycia Dukes & Devito Johns
Satisfied Customers

David Triana (Left), the Present/CEO of Conexion Media Group says he "always look forward to bringing these exceptional flavored wines to this area."

Brian Wyer (Right) is the Present/CEO of that Gulf Coast Minority Chamber of Commerce and he's looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to some key people in our area. He said, "this wine is some of the best I've tasted."

David Triana & Brian Wyer
Testimonials provided on behalf of Michael Gayles

Kelly Deanne (Left) said, 'I don't drink wine but this is delicious, can I buy this opened bottle and where can I order more?"

Brett Robinson (Right) “Yeah”

Kelly Deanne & Brett Robinson
Satisfied Wine Tasters

Dookie, (Far Right) was just trying to drink all he could. I let him take an open bottle home

Michael Gayles

Gayles Winery, Inc. is a newly established business – location to be headquartered in the Metro Nashville. Although formally organized in 2014 , the organization was formed through the long-standing expertise of its founder, Anthony Gayles

The Winery will be focused on creating wines with full body flavor and aroma; wines that no other winery is producing include Muscadine, Apple, Coffee, Pineapple, Gooseberry wines and more. Some wines will be a multi-blend such as Elderberry and Blueberry etc., these blended fruits will be geared to meet the desires of the community. 

The company has a few unique value- added characteristics. Gayles Winery is a boutique winery that specialized in fruit wine. The company offers a unique experience for individuals in their enjoyment of wine drinking that can only be obtained at Gayles Winery.

These include but are not limited to providing personalized packaging that allows the client to brand their customized wine. Provide preferential selection of wine to clients based on demand and availability of the raw materials.